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About Being Found

Being Found Book 1

Being Found is the new Sci-Fi book series written by Arend Richard

The first book launched on 11/11/2020 and the second on 2/22/2022! “Being Found” follows the journey of Cameron, a 20 something guy who has some unique abilities that go completely unexplained for his entire life. That is until a mysterious and handsome man from another planet with purple eyes named Nick shows up and throws his life into chaos. Nick and Cameron cross galaxies in an effort to save Earth from destruction by an insect race of sentient beings fighting a war that transcends the physical dimension. That’s all that can be given away here though! You’ll have to grab yourself a copy to find out what happens!

“Being Found” and “Finding Home” can be ordered on Amazon in e-book or paperback format! If you’d like to support the author more directly, signed copies can be ordered on this site! The first book is also currently available on Audible with the second to be uploaded within the coming month.

I (Arend) decided to publish the “Being Found” series on my own when the publisher I was working with advised me that making the main character straight would garner the series more attention and sales. The whole reason that I wrote “Being Found” the way I did was because I wanted to create something that 14 year old me who searched the library for books with gay characters would love. I believe I have done that with this series, and I believe people of all types will enjoy this story!

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About the Author

Arend Richard is a proud Colorado Native and member of the LGBTQ community. Along with his continued work on the “Being Found” series of Sci-Fi novels, Arend is also a business owner and entrepreneur. When he’s not working on his books, running his company, or serving on the Board for the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce, you can find Arend at home with his 3 Italian Greyhound boys: Dexter, Ronnie, and Vincenzo.

Arend Richard, author

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Being Found, Book 1

Book 1 Being Found

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Finding Home, Book 2

Book 2 Finding Home

Get a copy of “Finding Home” signed by the author Arend Richard. Be Advised: Signed copies take additional time for delivery! Each copy signed with love.

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